About The Company


ABOUT The Company

We are John Lennon & Associates, the “Match Maker” as we are fondly called by our numerous fans. You do not need to be amazed of this appellation. We are not “The Striker” or neither “The Coach”, nor “Mid-fielder” on the football field of play, neither are we the initiator of online the casino rules.

Yet we got this name from our numerous subscribers to our Weekly Blog, www.winningstrategiesonsoccerbetting.com. They have taken advantages revealed therein to earn residual income for themselves on a regular basis.

We will recommend that you take on the opportunity and earn extra income for yourself.

Our experience, both on soccer (football) and online casino, has exposed us to hidden secrets of these games, which to our discovery, many are not aware of. It is these secrets we are out to give to those that care and will want to make a success of the betting career.

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